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Nothing taught on this web site is set concrete. Only what the entire Ekklesia decides through deliberation in warfare (court) or polemic Debate to deceive what truth is in any Bible instruction from God taught on this web site. What is taught here is through the established warfare in the court of the Ekklesia Christ. If you do not not understand what the warfare of Ekklesia is then you can research on this site what is proven to be what God has established in the purpose of warfare of Ekklesia is established by God to protect truth of the gospel of Christ. Warfare (Polemic or controlled debate) through deliberations made by the entire assembly. See The conduct of Ekklesia in Acts chapter 15. What truth is is not the decisions from only one person or or from the beliefs of any individual group but through deliberations and decisions made by the entire Holy People of God. Voting on any important instructions needed to be saved such decisions are to made in Bible translations only through registered certified public public account.